Carbon Copy Pro Reviewed: Legitimate Home Business?

Published: 11th November 2009
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For people who are unsure about Carbon Copy Pro and are wondering if it is a legitimate home based business, this article is specifically for you. Carbon Copy Pro has been around since July of 2008, when CEOs and co-founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson, came out with their stand alone product, the "Business-in-a-Box," or "BiB" for short. The Business-in-a-box is a Internet marketing training platform that trains any level marketer how to market online to generate a profit. The company teaches its members how to use marketing tactics like SEO, Google pay per click advertising, article marketing, video marketing, and much more. What is most impressive about the program is the quality of the marketing trainers, who are industry leaders themselves, that do live training calls and calls and webinars every single week, multiple times a week. There really is no other company in the network marketing industry that teaches its marketers how to effectively market on the internet, which further supports why Carbon Copy Pro is a legitimate home based business.

The Business In A Box also comes with your very own fully customizable, turnkey system which includes tons of tools in your back office. You will have your own set of professionally written autoresponder emails that go out automatically each time you get a lead "opting in" to your sales funnel and even more exciting you will have your very own professional call center that will call on all of your applicants and close the sales for you. This is huge since closing sales and fear of talking to people is usually the biggest hurdle networkers have to climb to be successful in the industry.

Now it's great that Carbon Copy Pro has a great training program and a turn-key marketing system, but there is one particular "test" that the company (and any company you may be looking at) must pass and that is its standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When analyzing Carbon Copy Pro the most important factor that proves it is a legitimate home based business is whether or not it has the approval of the BBB. There are countless ads that claim Carbon Copy Pro is a scam, but the company absolutly checks out with the BBB and there are no complaints against the company on record. Realize that most of the negative advertisements you see about Carbon Copy Pro are simply other advertisers trying to sign you up for their company instead (aka vultures).

Now that we see why Carbon Copy Pro is a legitimate home based business opportunity, I'm sure you want to know how do people essentially earn an income with this system? Great question. Well, CCPro has aligned with a wealth education company that offers very rare investment opportunities that are usually only reserved for the rich and uber rich. The products being offered are considered high-ticket items. When your business offers high ticket products or services this ends up providing much larger commissions when a product is sold. It appears to be an outstanding partnership that has formed between both of these solid companies, which has multiple strong testimonials from lots of marketers already using the system.

Find out more about Jay and Aaron's Mission to Create 100 Millionaires by 2012 and understand how they have single-handedly transformed the network marketing world.

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